Raj Ranjodh

Raj Ranjodh is a well known Punjabi singer when it comes to naming some of the respected popular ones in the Punjabi music industry who have given their lives to make music unbeatably awesome. Raj Ranjodh, like several of his counterparts, is a first generation musician. As a kid, young Raj played the harmonium and was a trained classical musician under the auspices of gurus My Mom “Gurmeet Kaur” And J.P Singh (Faridkot). Raj Ranjodh is a natural philanthropist at his thinking is a true believer that “Music is a Religion of Togetherness!” and adds, this is the time to overcome our religious difference and save humanity… which reflects his holdings towards contributions on his way for music lovers. A poet with theatric background, My mother Gurmeet Kaur father Late.Sh.Lukhwinder Singh I have one sister and one brother live with me. Raj born in 9 of August 1986 learned encyclopedia called love and relationship in his early age and practices his learning at every given time.

Raj’s childhood was a very adventurous one as he was born and brought up in a typical town in Punjab. He was the most dotted-upon member of his family. However his home environment was hardly conducive to the promotion of music and creative arts, Raj Ranjodh like several of his counterparts became a first generation musician by having an in-born dedication towards music and singing and his early morning practices bore fruit and he mastered the art which turned into his fame and glory. He also sang for albums like ‘Virse De waris’ and Hitler Then Jatt’s Do it.
“Hitler” is the latest album has been released featuring ‘16 Saal’ and title song ‘Hitler’ each song is research on likings and disliking of music lovers is a result of heavy-duty hard work in composition. Hitler has 9 tracks. Raj Ranjodh was recently featured on Jatt’s Do it Song Channa.